D. Sc.
Sep. 21, 1964
Fundamental Materials Chemistry
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Academic Career 1992 Graduate School of Science and Technology (Doctoral Course), Kobe University
1989 Graduate School of Engineering (Master's Course), Kobe University
1987 Faculty of Engineering, Kobe University
Professional Career 2007- Graduate School of Engineering, Kobe University (2007- Associate Professor, 2011- Professor)
1996- Faculty of Engineering, Kobe University (1996- Research Associate, 2005- Associate Professor)
1992-1996 Osaka National Research Institute, AIST, MITI
Field of Instruction and Research Inorganic Chemistry
Material Chemistry for Energy Transfer
Research Activities properties of solid/liquid coexisting system
Material research on fuel cells
Main Publications
(Publication List)
Catalytic Activity of Platinum after Exchange with Surface Active Functional Groups of Carbon Blacks, J. Chem. Soc. Faraday Trans., Vol.91, No.24(1995)
Dependence of Catalytic Activity of Gas Diffusion Electrode on the particle Size of Catalyst for PEFCs, Denki Kagaku, Vol.64, No.6 (1996)
Effect of solid surface on vibrational modes of solution in solid/liquid hetero-phase system. J. Mol. Liq., 83(1-3), 179-189 (1999)
Activities for Academic Societies The Chemical Society of Japan
  ( Division of Colloid and Surface Science)
The Electrochemical Society of Japan
  (The Committee of Battery Technology)
  (Molten Salts Committee)
The Japan Society of Applied Physics
Japan Chemistry Program Exchange
The Electrochemical Society
Royal Society of Chemistry
Social Activities