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The 3rd International Workshop on Polymer/Metal Nanocomposites; "Nanoworkshop 2007 in Kobe" has been held on October 3-5 in Kobe University, Kobe, Japan.  About 75 participants including foreign attendees joined and discussed on various scientific matters on the metal/polymer composites.  In opening remarks, Professor Shinji Hayashi, Vice Dean of Graduate School of Engineering, Kobe University, addressed "Rokko Hall is one of the original places in which the Founding Ceremony of Society of Nano Science and Technology, Japan was held in 1997.  It is great honor to open the Nanoworkshop 2007 in the same place."  Professor Faupel who organized former 1st Nanoworkshop (Kiel) had a Plenary Lecture entitled "Polymer- based nanocomposites for functional applications" and 11 Invited Lecturers presented their advanced research progresses during 2 days.  Many lectures and presentations attracted a great deal of  attention from participants.  It seems to be the "Meeting place" of chemists and physists on Nanotechnology, some participants attempted to begin the joint research.  In closing remarks, Professor Faupel addressed that the next nanoworkshop will be held in Prague in the Czech Republic under organizing by Professor Hynek Biederman of Charles University in Prague.  One of the Participants, Mr. Martin Drabik who is the doctoral course student of Charles University in Prague presented about the main points of the next workshop's place, Prague.

The organizing committee would like to present a sincere thanks for all participants and sponsors of Nanoworkshop 2007.  We are looking forward to seeing again at the next workshop with future progresses of each researcher.

Chair of Nanoworkshop2007
Shigehito Deki, Prof.
Kobe University


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September 28, 2007


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