Outlines - R&D on nanomaterials for future technology and industry
The Laboratory of Applied Inorganic Chemistry focuses the properties, behaviors, and reactions of inorganic compounds and its composites through the various experiments using physicochemical and electrochemical technique. We employ many experimental methods in order to make clear these objects on the basis of the viewpoint form "IONS, ELECTRONS, and WATER". Students are encouraged through the experimental works through the preparation of novel materials, development and improvement of the experimental apparatus, and the discussion of the experimental results.

Last decades, we are focusing the materials chemistry for the future technology and industrial chemistry through the R&D on various kinds of nanotailored materials.  Structure and properties of electrolyte solution, solution chemistry in the hetero-phase systems, synthesis of metal oxide thin films by the Liquid Phase Deposition Method, and fabrication techniques of polymer-metal nanoparticle composites by the Relaxative Auto Dispersion method have been studied.  We have published more than 100 papers for last 10 years and obtained valuable suggestion and encouragements from many scientists and engineers all over the world.