Research Activities
* Structure and Properties of Highly Concentrated Aqueous Solution(Publication list(Japanese Only))
The structure and properties of highly concentrated aqueous solution depend on the interaction among the dissolved species shuch as water molecules and ionic species. Although the concentrated solution are utilized in the various industrial fields, there is little research on them. We focuses the structure and properties of the solutions using various experimental methods, such as an condictivity measurement, X-ray diffraction and RDF, spectroscopic measurement, etc, to make clear the interaction among the dissolved species.

* Properties of Liquid Phase in the Solid/Liquid Coexisting Systems(Publication list(Japanese Only))
Highly dispersion systems, such as paste and slurry are important materials for industrial field. In such solid/liquid systems, the properties of liquid phase near the surface of the solid phase varied with a decrease of the liquid content. We studies how the properties of liquid phase changes in the vicinal region on the solid surface. The part of this subject is proceeded under the support by the Proposal-Based New Inductry Creative Type Technology R&D Promotion Program from the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization of Japan (NEDO)
Annual Report

* Preparation of Ultra Fine Metal Particles by Relaxative Auto Dispersion (RAD) Method(Publication list(Japanese Only))
The novel preparation method for ultra fine metal particles with the crystalization process of amorphous matrix was found in our laboratory. We proceed the resolving the dispersion process and the development of the metal-dispearsed composite materials.

* Preparation of Metal Oxide Thin Films by Liquid-Phase Deposition (LPD) Method(Publication list(Japanese Only)*)
The liquid phase deposition using hydrolysis reaction of fluoro-metal complexes has been developped in order to prepare the metal oxide thin films. This technique is "Soft Process" using aqueous solution reaction. We proceed the research on the optimization of the reaction condition and properties of formed thin files.

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